Wednesday, 29 January 2014

He Is Our Captain?!?!

Michael Doyle, if everyone is honest it is not what a majority of us like to hear when the team sheet is announced. The so called skipper struggles with passes over five yards, can not seem to be a force or difference maker when putting in a challenge, and of course along with the latest incident against Fulham he does idiotic things when we need someone to lead by example most. We have said for nearly three seasons now that we require a better caliber player in midfield and a better caliber captain, but unfortunately our cry for improvement is often ignored as every manager seems to see something we don't. But even if he is a hard trainer, grafts hard week in week out when coaching sessions are going on if that does not translate onto the pitch even after three years surely the staff can see what we see, something is wrong. Doyle does not particular inspire or lead the players, on many occasions I have seen other players spurring on their team mates and barking instructions, Maguire, Collins, Baxter and more recently Paynter have shown more leadership with their actions as of late, most notably I have seen Baxter and Paynter being
the ones slapping their hands together and trying to spur the team on with Doyle being only a spectator joining in once the other has done his job for him. A viable replacement for his position is needed, now not in the summer it is needed now. And after his latest actions the armband needs to be passed, otherwise its unfair on players like Brandy who were shipped out on loan because of their actions and attitude. With Doyle out for three games now it is up to other players to perform out of their skin to show why they deserve to be in the first team more, because if he is allowed to walk straight back into the team it will cost us. During The Fulham game with eleven men and a goal advantage we looked like we could see off The Premiership opposition, but due to a man that supposedly is a great honest professional and work horse physically trying to cause harm to another player we had the game taken from us. He cost us, our leader who is their to guide us through to victory cost us the game. If Doyle is not dealt with the road to recovery is a million miles away for this football club.

-Jonathan Gascoigne
-See 'Captain Not So Fantastic' for previous article on Michael Doyle

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