Saturday, 8 March 2014


As the ball trickled into the back of the net Chris Porter (super sub) ran in front of the Kop, he and the fans celebrated The Blades booking their place in the FA Cup quarter finals. In a season that had offered little hope of anything to cheer about early on, we had defied the odds, two Premier League teams and now a Championship high flyer lay defeated at our feet, no one thought we could get this far now as I sit still waiting my five pounds from Adrian Chiles I think to myself, what does tomorrow hold for us. Now like in every round previously I expect nothing from tomorrow, as long as the players put a shift in and we make an enormous noise I will be satisfied, anything else is a bonus in my books. One thing that will leave me, my fellow fans and obviously the players with a gut wrenching disappointment is if heroes of the previous round Harry Maguire, John Brayford and Jamie Murphy don't make the team due to knocks picked up in previous games, the three have been outstanding and worked so hard to get us here, and to see them miss this occasion would be close to heartbreaking. It would also mean Charlton would face a weakened Blades team, this by no means an excuse but just a fact, a fact that a huge adaptation would have to be made. Kieron Freeman a full back from Derby has joined us on loan, and could well be in with a shout at making his debut tomorrow. For anyone unfamiliar with this player if you went to Notts County away you may remember their right back tearing apart our entire left side when going forward and having our wingers in his back pocket, I for one remember this lad and am thrilled he decided to come here and not return to county, if he can play like he did against us for us, well its another tick in the good signings box for Nigel Clough. But for him to make his debut at the biggest game of the season, we just have to hope of he does that he does not get swallowed up by the pressure of the game. As far as expectations go I have to cringe a little inside when I see videos like the one on the Sheffield Star website where Blades fans state they expect a win, they think we will get the result, three one, two nil etc,I think that shows a danger of being as disrespectful, as our cross city rivals discovered being arrogance and disrespectful behaviour does not pay off, we have to try and be realistic, We go into every game to get a result we never turn up to make up the numbers, but yet again we are playing a side in a higher division, we have to be prepared for the fact its been an amazing run but tomorrow that could come to an end. BUT what if we win? there is no predetermined winners in a game of football, and as we have proved again and again in this competition, anybody can beat anybody, and I wouldn't be turning up tomorrow if I thought the lads weren't walking on to that field to prove it yet again, if we again can show that every underdog has its day we will book our place in history as one of a handful of league one clubs to get to a semi final of the worlds oldest club knock out competition. Tomorrow I will be one of over twenty nine thousand destroying my vocal chords making as much noise as I can to drive forward my team, am I realist yes, but like every person in this world I can dare to dream, and until we are out of this competition that dream lives on.

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