Wednesday, 18 June 2014

So About Last Season

With last season firmly in the history books and the new season fast approaching we have a lot to reflect on.

First of all I think it only fair to apologise to you readers for my prolonged absence, my adventure in Greece at the end of the season and a very hectic work schedule before that writing became very difficult, after all I do this because I enjoy it, and there was not much enjoyment in sitting with matchsticks in my eyes trying to force my brain to force out ramblings that would have been as legible as a cat with a crayon.

But now thanks to a new chapter in my life I can return to enjoying what I do and putting my humble opinions about our club into words.

So after Wembley The Blades had the bittersweet task of returning to league football, five fixtures, three wins and two draws helped us finish in seventh, seven points away from the play offs. In a normal season we as Blades would see that as a failure. So why is it currently we as a fan base are full of optimism, counting down the days until we can get going again? One word, belief, belief that if a simple change of manager can guide us from second bottom to seventh in half a season, belief that if than same man can guide us past two Premiership sides, two Championship sides and reward us with three goals at Wembley in The FA Cup, belief that Nigel Clough can finally add stability and ambition into our football club.

When we look back to last year and we remember the belief we had when we destroyed Notts County on the opening day, and how quickly it faded with the sale of a key player along with the following plunge in moral and form is it dangerous to have belief? No is my answer, why is this? Nigel Clough, this man knows football, he knows what he wants, he knows what kind of players we need at this level, and he has the contacts and know how to properly do his job.

When I look back at last season I do not just see a season of two halves, I think there is more to it that that, I see a rebirth, a revival. Last season saw the arrival of 'individuals', and look what Clough thinks of individuals, Clough knows its about a team, not about a player. He quickly removed any players he saw as not being team players and brought in some shrewd loan signings to fill the gaps, what we ended up wit was a tight nit, small squad that played for each other, the simple theory of football should make this philosophy simple, but from Europes elite to teams at grass roots it so often gets over looked.

Here's to next season and the welcome arrival of belief.


-Jonathan Gascoigne

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