Friday, 20 February 2015


About This Project

At the Shoreham View we became disillusioned with the content provided for clubs outside the top flight to showcase for their fans, so we decided to make a few music videos and the responses were phenomenal before being removed for music copyright issues (we were kids just making videos at the time) we moved on to making podcasts, vlogs, comedy videos, graphics, match reports and more.

We got Sponsorship to pay for our pod casting equipment, we saved and sacrificed to pay for expensive audio, image and video editing software and a computer powerful enough to run them.

Now we feel whilst our productions are of a good quality we can not settle for good, real football fans deserve better and we need two new cameras so we can make feature length documentaries, better vlogs and much more.

We have found the cameras we need at a cut rate price but the offer to purchase them ends soon we know we will struggle to upgrade our equipment if the price go's back up and also we know we will struggle to raise the money ourselves. We are a fledgling outfit with people working jobs to feed family's and keep a roof over our heads.

We want to keep making content that will be great for real football fans and we want this fledgling outfit to become a company, we believe with this small investment we can take the next steps.


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