Thursday, 17 October 2013

Plan B

With Weir gone and speculation high the next Blade's manager is as much a mystery to the press as it is the fans waiting patiently. The bookies change the odds-on favourite daily and the fans each have their own personal opinion on who can guide us to salvaging the season, what I aim to look at is some of the names and possibilities mentioned by the fans and press.

Money Talks
Whenever a club with a few penny's to spend is managerless the same name crops up in the press time and time again. And now with Prince Abdullah's money it comes as no surprise that Sven Goran Eriksson is being mentioned as The Next Blades manager.
Likely Tactics-
Wing Play
My Opinion - Not going to happen

At 9/1 odds the bookies are taking this seriously, but in my opinion not only would Sven not be interested with dropping to League One, but I also doubt that the board despite its new wealth would want to offer the wages this man would request.
This may end up being good for us if we do not approach Mr Eriksson, his proven continental style of build up and wing play did not do any great favours for England, neither has it proven to be a huge success in English League football. The transfer policy would focus on well known journey men and not on producing a young progressive team, which at this point is what the club needs.

Whilst many realise that this man gave us some unforgetable moments whilst in charge, some who are calling for his return seem to either forget or live in a bubble of ignorant bliss as to some of the tripe and nonsense we had to endure under him. True, Neil Warnock knows how to inspire a team, knows how to perform at this level, but I would see this as two steps backwards.
Likely Tactics-
Long Ball from back
Aggressive Defence and
Counter attacking
My Opinion - He knows better

Bookmakers see this as less likely than some of the fans placing him at 40/1, I think Warnock has the intelligence to know if he ever did return to The Lane now would not be the right time and rightly so.
Whilst his tactics and approach have matured and evolved slightly as seen with his time at QPR and Crystal Palace, his fundamentals remain the same. A strong aggressive back four who are capable of hitting it towards the forwards. An all out target man with a more technical forward playing just behind him. Two holding midfielders who aren't scared to go forward and two quick wingers.  No doubt this splits opinion, some find it medieval and backwards, some find it effective and necessary Personally I think we have gone in a different direction to Mr Warnock and his return would be of no benefit.

The Favourite
It seems that this particular candidate was pre determined to be the next Blades boss. Jobless almost in sync with Weir. And with his dad's grand name the live up to Nigel Clough quickly became the odds on favourite to take charge. 
Likely Tactics-
Progressive attack
Deep defence
My Opinion - Odds aren't usually wrong

When your dad is a legend and you know you have yet to break from his shadow the prospect and challenge of bringing success to Sheffield United is one almost to good to be true. And with your name being mentioned from day one with the odds in your favour one would believe he is our next manager.
Is this good for United, I am 50/50 on this one, whilst he could be just what we need going forward do we really need a manager who does not allow much attack from the back. Harry Maguire has goals under his belt already this season, and he looks a threat when forward for set pieces, but could Cloughs conservative views on defence hinder Harry's game?

Who Says Romance Is Dead?
We have all thought about it, we are football fans, we all have that old romantic in us, that belief that fairy tales can come true. Yes Brian Deane is in management, yes he isn't doing a bad job in Norway, but is he our next manager?
Likely Tactics-
Attack from the start
My Opinion - Don't ruin your legacy

Brian Deane is a legend at The Lane, the man is an all time favourite and lives in our folklore. With odds against him at 40/1 it would seem it is an unlikely appointment but one being talked about, even if by a minority.  I for one would like Deano to refrain from being our manager, he is doing a good job abroad, his attacking tactics would be a breath of fresh air, but I for one would not like to see Deano ruin his legacy by becoming a failure in our hot seat.

The Dark Horse
When his name is mentioned I think people take it with a pinch of salt, but never the less it is being mentioned, and it is not an impossibility. Tony Pulis not only got Stoke to the Premier League but kept them there for a long period of time.
Likely Tactics-
Long Ball
My Opinion- Please No

Many aren't very happy with the fact this man's name is being mentioned, some think he would be a great choice, but at 60/1 either way it seems unlikely. But should Tony Pulis take charge at Bramall Lane I would recommend you get used to looking in the air. 
I can see it now, King and Ironside upfront whilst those behind them kick the ball as hard as humanly possible in their general direction. This would alienate players who against Coventry proved they are up for the fight, players like Taylor, Brandy, Coady and so on. I think this would if anything bring darker times to Bramall Lane.

We Can Dream
Many of the fans would like to see us appoint him, and with good reason, the man won the Champions League as a caretaker manager. But lets all face reality, Roberto Di Matteo, it is not happening.
Likely Tactics-
Continental progressive attack
My Opinion- We aren't this lucky

We could have endless money and offer Roberto a seven figure a year sum and I personally still think he would laugh in our faces. Not out of disrespect for us but because it makes no sense, The man who won Chelsea the biggest prize in club football, why would he come here, and with odds of 80/1 the Bookmakers seem to agree.
We can all fantasize about the beautiful progressive football he would demand. The gifted coaching staff he would bring and the players who would be lining up to sign for us, but lets get real we have more chance of enticing Fergie out of retirement.

Other Names and odds
Karl Robinson 4/1
Dean Saunders 20/1
Richie Barker 20/1
Chris Morgan 25/1
Greg Abott 33/1
David O'Leary 33/1
Russell Slade 33/1
Steve Evans 40/1
Paul Jewell 40/1
Avram grant 80/1

Who I Want

I want a manager who I think can bring some stability to the management position and make the job his own. Pre season he was my second choice after Kenny Jackett, but still despite the odds not suggesting he is in the running I want Alan Curbishley to be our next manager.

Likely Tactics-
Balanced passing and
ruthless attack
With him being 80/1 it seems unlikely, but if we stumped up some decent wages, gave him the control he needed and the funds to sign players with our new owners backing this could be the first steps to success. The man has brought through many young players who have gone on to play at a high standard. Many may not want him because of his West Ham days, but look how and why he left there, look at his record with Charlton. His style of play could guide us up, it could certainly save us from our current predicament. The man knows how to inspire goals and how to keep it tight knit at the back, could we possibly ask for anything more? But as said earlier the odds usually do not lie and my wish looks like being just that, a wish.

Jonathan Gascoigne
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