Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Gaffer

After a few weeks wait the bookies were proven right again as Nigel Clough became our new manager on a two year deal, also bringing his own staff into the fold, Gary Crosby and Andy Garner who will join Clough at Bramall Lane. It was a quick appointment and one it was clear the club was very pleased to make.  I like many Blades watched the interview on Sky Sports news when the announcement was made and despite some previous reservations on Clough I was satisfied with his answers.  
He seems down to earth, the claims of getting back to the Premier League soon by the chairman did not faze him and remained rooted to his position, first things first we have to turn around the embarrassing start to the season and salvage some self respect, I as a fan know this to be true and its refreshing to finally have a manager who shares my opinion.  Below are some of the comments made in the Press conference.

"We'll try and build a team, a squad here that's capable of challenging for promotion. We're not miracle workers - it takes time to mould and recruit a team and to get them to play in the way you want them to play." This is more realistic than Weirs approach of I will make you play my way despite your inability to do so, whilst I am not expecting us to start reverting to sunday league tactics it is clear we are not ready to stroke the ball around playing tika taka. "To be realistic - let's get out of the bottom four. Let's get some stability this season and we'll take it from there. We'll assess the squad and see what we need.", I am fifty
fifty on this comment, I do agree stability and points on the board are what we need right now, but also there are certain players and positions that in my opinion need short term fixes before January where we can fully resolve them.  On leaving Derby - "I was disappointed (to leave Derby). There was an element of anger there as well. I thought we had a very good four-and-a-half years there. I tried to turn the club's fortunes around and I've left them in a very good position.", as he was a lad who grew up there and of course has his fathers legacy beginning there I can understand his frustration and sorrow at how things turned out. "The potential attracted me to Sheffield United. My feeling of this place is that it is a proper football club and anyone in the game will know what I mean by that." I agree the club has limitless potential, its just we have not been able to unlock it. I think its now just a case of waiting, we can all speculate on the new gaffers approach, his team selection and his tactics, I myself did so in my potential candidates review (Plan B) but until the whistle blows at three on Saturday afternoon all will remain a mystery.

But I think it is safe to say we all have the same thing on our minds, Welcome to Bramall Lane Nigel and show us what you can do, lets hope by the end of the season we are calling you Cloughy.

Jonathan Gascoigne
Video from SheffieldUTube on YouTube
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