Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Enough is Enough

Now after recent events I do not want to be classed as scapegoating individuals, the truth is the team is not performing, but certain players continuously season after season become a huge hindrance. I have already expressed my opinion on Michael Doyle but now I think its time we ask why is Chris Porter still at the club. He has scored fifteen goals in seventy nine games since joining Sheffield United, that for a striker is not good enough, especially since he is used in a goal scoring role. He misses sitters and loses the ball all to often, he does try do not get me wrong, but if trying was enough I would be a Premiership striker, but in the real world
I don't have the talent or ability. Working hard and trying is admirable but it does not change the fact he does not have the ability. Chris only scored nine goals in forty four league games for Derby County, again not the record of a goal scorer. It really aggravated me on the radio after the Gillingham game to hear Paul Walker of BBC Radio Sheffield say things like it frustrates him to hear people criticizing Porter and Doyle, good Paul I am very glad, it means you feel a fraction of what we feel every time we see their name on the team sheet. To defend his work ethic is like the only defence he could muster, and of course the fact he scored, but again in the real world how many times has it happened in football a player having a nightmare game grabs a goal. Paul also seemed to have watched a different game to myself saying Porter had linked up with Miller well and put on a good display, that's not what I remember, I remember Chris constantly loosing the ball and not being able to do the most simple of things. Things became worrying when Nigel Clough came on the radio and explained that he intends to build a partnership with Porter and Maguire, alarm bells rang immediately at this, Chris Porter should not be in our team never mind the foundation of a striking partnership. Watching the Gillingham game he was more a hindrance to Miller than a partner, he did not hold up or supply Miller at all, neither did he manage to latch onto any balls from Miller. If Clough does in fact go through with this Harry Maguire will remain top scorer and we will be relegated.

The solution? Personally, I want to see Taylor and Miller start together,  try and build that partnership, if this can be tested before January it will indicate whether a large portion of any transfer budget will go towards strikers or other positions. We have seen already that Taylor has skill, pace and can finish the ball, he is a shade taller and stronger than Miller, meaning he can be used to hold up the ball if necessary, the two have the potential to cause the defences in this division major problems. This, like I said, would have to be tested before January so time is running out. Other options are out there with out of favour players. One of the more doubtful options is out of favour Billy
Sharp, this is doubtful because despite our new found investment and Southampton's willingness to let Sharp go, he has already had two spells here and could already have a sour taste in his mouth about us, despite being a fan. Another reason it is doubtful is the number of Championship clubs that are showing interest in the Sheffield born striker. As mentioned before Matt Derbyshire could be utilised at this level, more a gamble than Sharp but one in my opinion we should look at taking, as outlined in my previous article if we built up his confidence we could have a devastating hitman on our books. Whatever the choice made by those in charge I, like many fans, urge them to refrain from making Porter their number one choice, it hasn't worked and it wont work, it is time for a change.

Jonathan Gascoigne

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