Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Short Term Memory, Bias and Pretend Journalism

As most fans of Sheffield United will know The Sun published an article today, the sole purpose of this article was to further try and destroy the reputation of the football club as they have in the past, and to also discredit Selahattin Baki, one of the new directors who arrived with Prince Abdulla. The article notes Baki
appeared in the Danny Dyer series Real Football Factories International. It is noted Baki was a former 'ultra' and made poor judgements in his past, who hasn't? Rather than give any credibility to this article I think it best just to state some facts. First of all I have a hard time taking serious news from a newspaper that had to print a full front page saying "WE LIED". And on that same note they scrutinize Baki's past, lets look at the Suns past, lying about disasters, waging war with the BBC to try and influence readers toward the Murdoch empires television services, a newspaper that takes great pleasure in trying to ruin any chance English football has of becoming great at any level with it's gutter journalism.
The Sun reports on Baki's past indiscretions, why not about Vincent Tans involvement with corrupt Malay politicians? Whilst Baki is older, wiser and no longer involved with such stupidity, corruption and shady business is a constant in Tans life. Vincent Tan changed a clubs colours, destroying heritage and tradition, why, so he can make money, so he can do things selfishly with no consideration towards the fan's who come through the turnstiles. Why because he thinks it is HIS club. In this county Hull City AFC are now The Hull City Tigers, why because Assem Allam says it is HIS club, claiming it is important for business and that AFC means nothing, obviously clueless to the history of the sport he is investing in. Whilst here at our club our "Hooligan" Director is making an effort to connect with fans, to build relations with other clubs that will benefit the club in the right way, ensuring our history is protected and our traditions remain in tact, his past matters not, he was not picked at random from a crowd
of thugs.   He changed his life and is now where he is for the right reasons. Fenerbahce have one of the most passionate and impressive supports in world football, viewing their stadium literally shake as their fans bounce, chant and set of pyro is one of the most awe inspiring in football. But it is well documented the football fans of Turkey whilst passionate are also the most active in the Hooligan world, to be a part of this, to get out and change his life, to become a trusted board member for a Billionaire Prince, to become director of a football club deserves respect, not scrutiny. After all if people can not change, then surely an organization can not change, so by that philosophy the short term memory of the Sun ensures they are and will always be Liars.
Not to be outdone BBC Radio Sheffield's Football Heaven team were indeed straight onto this story, a station known by many locally to be biased toward's the Blue side of Barnsley. Many may say this is unfounded and me wearing blinders, but lets look at the facts about Radio Sheffield, they dragged the Ched
Evens issue for weeks, not looking at the serious irregularities of his case and sentencing but making it an issue about Sheffield United. They did this in the Breakfast show with Toby Foster a man who just likes to raise eyebrows and feed his own ego (proven every morning just by listening to what he has to say) and on the Football Heaven 'Fan Forum' Show. Whilst in contrast the controversy surrounding Steve Evans, Gary Madine and The Hillsborough Disaster didn't warrant getting the extensive coverage on the Toby Foster breakfast show. The Football Heaven show will no doubt drag this story about Baki on as long as they possibly can, as, no doubt will Toby Foster in the morning. Aside from the Bias, the phone in's sometimes border on the farcical, no matter which club you support. Rob Staton a man who loves the sound of his own voice and would much prefer his own show to just talk to himself for a few hours and will talk down to callers, verbally assaulting anyone who disagree's with his own opinion, not caring this is a show supposedly here for the fans, paid for by the fans from their TV License. He believes his opinion is superior to that of the average supporter. 

I make no secret of the fact I do not like the press, nor do I like my local radio, so why do I want to become a Journalist, because I want to do what modern day journalists do not do, which is report about football, not gutter stories about controversy, I want to be a real journalist, not a pretend one like the ones we have to endure day in day out.

Jonathan Gascoigne

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