Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Match Reports Playing Catch Up

****Due to technical difficulties the reports have fallen behind, these match reports will be in a very basic format so as to bring things up to date.

Greenhous Meadow

A very strange team selection for Nigel Clough's first away game, defender heavy and players out of position, With very little action it took a screamer from Joe Jacobson to open the scoring. Substitute Fabian Brandy had a moment of madness, reacting to a foul he raised his hands to the opposing player, a cardinal sin in the modern game, he was sent off leaving himself in the supporters bad books, and having a lot to explain himself for as this is the second time this has happened.
Liam McAlinden doubled United's agony doubling Salop's lead end ending United's day as far as contesting for points were concerned.

FA Cup
Weston Homes Community Stadium

A late penalty had the final word in this game. The Blades made hard
work of it however going two nil up after only twelve minutes thanks to leading scorer Harry Maguire and an own goal from Colchester's Sam Walker.  As is usually the case with The Blades however we couldn't just shut out the game and goals from Bonne and Garbutt had the game level with twenty five minutes to go. Controversy (according to the Colchester boss) as The Blades were given a Penalty inside the last ten minutes, Chris Porter stepped up despite not impressing throughout the game and grabbed the late winner. Sheffield United move onto the next round, not a classic performance but a win non the less. Hopefully in the next game things will fall into place and we will have reason to cheer without worrying about last minute winners.

Jonathan Gascoigne

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